An Exploratory study on the effectiveness of computer aides learning in mathematics and chemistry Book Whole

Authors: Sambu, Joseph Kipruto; Lukandu, Ismail Ateya(Dr.)
Title: An Exploratory study on the effectiveness of computer aides learning in mathematics and chemistry
Abstract: This study was aimed to explore the effectiveness of Computer-Aided Learning (CAL) vs. classroom lecture for Chemistry and Mathematics. The objectives of this study were to: - measure the impact of CAL on academic performance, evaluate students’ attitudes. investigate their relationship with performance and also evaluate Cyber School Technology Solutions (CSTS) courseware. Sunshine Secondary School was selected to carry out this exploratory research where forty one students in a form three class were placed in two groups. (i) The control group that followed traditional lecture method with their regular teachers in the classroom and (ii) The experimental group (CAL) that used Cyber School Technology Solutions (CSTS) courseware in the Computer Lab. The survey to investigate student’s attitudes and to evaluate CSTS courseware was conducted through questionnaires which were distributed to the selected students in five secondary schools in Nairobi province and the staff teaching in the two departments of Mathematics and Chemistry. The results from this research showed no significant difference in the mean scores recorded by the subjects following CAL and those following Expository method in the post-test. The two strategies were found to be equally effective as shown by significant differences in the mean scores of pre-test and post-test. In the evaluation of the courseware, both teachers and students gave CSTS a very good rating as a learning tool. Also, a very strong and significant correlation between attitude change and performance was found. This research recommends a teaching model that incorporates the two strategies. KEY WORDS: Computer, Learning, Computer-Aided Learning
Keywords: Web-based Instructions; Computer-assisted Instructions--case studies; Internet in Education--case studies
Publisher: Strathmore University  
Publication Place: Nairobi, Kenya
Date Published: 2010
Notes: Partial fulfillment for award of the degree of Master of Science in Information Systems; Table of Contents