Exploratory research on it projects; A case study of Kenya Pipeline Company Dissertation / Thesis

Author: Omondi, Sharon Akinyi
Advisor: Acosta, Freddie R.
Title: Exploratory research on it projects; A case study of Kenya Pipeline Company
Abstract: This study was an exploratory research to demonstrate the various constraints that plagued IT projects. The Chaos Report of 2004, a survey carried out by the Standish Research Group, revealed that the 75% of all IT projects fail. 75% of all IT projects that begin, fail. IT projects are usually covered up, not rationalized to find out what went wrong and often the individuals involved are fired without getting to know the real cause of the projects failure therefore minimizing the chances of organizations learning from their mistakes. The study examined the SAP ERP implementation at KPC as its business case, the researcher's demographic was the SAP Implementation Project Team. There were two constraints identified. These constraints greatly influence the success or failure of a project, they are, Business Process Development (user requirements) and Change Management issues, of which only 25% of business process development was carried out and up to 85% of related change management issues are yet to be resolved, even after the project's closure. The use of a performance measures is strongly emphasized to aid, Business Process Development. This measure which was initially intended for organizations, to re-engineer themselves into more effective and efficient lean enterprises, was recommended for adoption in Information Technology projects; in an attempt to gain the positive aspects that lean enterprises are identified with. The researcher adopted qualitative research style, to adequately gauge the respondent's opinions, proving that the my SAP ERP implementation at the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) was a successful IT project.
Keywords: Strathmore University; Kenya Pipeline Company; IT; Business Process Development; Information Technology projects
Degree Granting Institution: Strathmore University  
Degree Level: Masters
Discipline: Science in Information Technology
Date Published: 2013-11-11
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Total Pages: 106
Language: English
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