Information security awareness in the kenyan aviation industry Book Whole

Authors: Muendo, Daniel K.; Lukandu, Ismael Ateya (Dr.)
Title: Information security awareness in the kenyan aviation industry
Abstract: People have always been an important factor in securing the information technology environment. They need to be made aware of its importance, as well as what their role is in securing information assets. Despite the widespread acceptance of t his fact many organizations still lack knowledge of information security threats caused by humans and levels of information security awareness. This research project tackles the human issues affecting information security in aviation industry and levels of information security in employees of the organizations here in Kenya. More specifically, this research provides the following : a comprehensive view of the human related information security threats, a discussion of ; a descriptive interpretive data revealing information technology manager’s perceptions about information security issues; a discussion of the level of information security awareness of employees in the aviation industry. From the results, an evaluation model for information’s security awareness is developed based on the areas of ISO/IEC 17799-2005 The research in this study suggests that there are two primary results which are shown here. The first is that leadership is elementary to the eventual effectiveness of security and the role played by an information security culture in an organization which influences the security policy and basis of information security awareness.
Keywords: Aviation Industry; Information Security -- Human aspects; Information Security
Publisher: Strathmore University  
Notes: Partial fulfillment for award of the degree of Master of Science in Information Technology
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