Factors that students in Strathmore University consider in evaluating teaching effectiveness Dissertation / Thesis

Author: Bett, Harry
Advisor: Dr. Everlyne N. Makhanu
Title: Factors that students in Strathmore University consider in evaluating teaching effectiveness
Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the factors that university students consider in evaluating teaching effectiveness in Strathmore Uni versity (SU). Though student evaluation of teaching is carried out in the instit ution, there is need to establish if the ratings that are awarded in this process are valid and reliable enough to be used for academic and personnel decision making. The general aim of this study was to examine the fa ctors that students consider in evaluating teaching effectiveness in SU; the specif ic objectives were: to explore students understanding of the reason for evaluating teaching effectiveness; to examine the factors that students consider while evaluating teaching ef fectiveness, and lastly, to analyse students’ opinion about their evaluation of teachin g effectiveness. More studies have been carried out in the field of Students Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness (SETE) than in any other area of eval uation of teaching. Several factors, such as instructor personality, grades awarded and students’ tastes and preferences, have been found to influence (albeit in varying degrees) the evaluation of teaching by students. This has therefore put the validity and r eliability of scores from such evaluations into question. The study was carried out using the explorative des criptive design; and used the probability sampling technique to collect data. Str atified probability sampling was used as second and third year students provided feedback for the research study. The data was collected using questionnaires and processed using the SPSS statistical method then analysed in percentages. Findings from the study indicated that majority of the students (85.8%) understand the reason for evaluating teaching to be improvement of teaching and learning. On factors considered in SETE, instructor personality and exte nt of learning are considered the most important factors at 86.6% and 85.8% respectiv ely. Majority of the students (87.2) are in favour of the use of the SETE process in the university to evaluate teaching effectiveness. This research study will be of immense contribution to the field of SETE, especially here in Strathmore University. It will help guide d ecision making with regard to improvement of instruction; as well as matters pert aining to staff appraisal. The findings from this study will also help other institutions o f higher learning within the country and beyond.
Keywords: student evaluations; teaching effectiveness; ratings; instructor; instruction
Degree Granting Institution: Strathmore University  
Degree Level: Masters
Date Published: 2014-06