Moral Sensitivity Practice in Academic Deanship: Does It Really Matter? Book Section

Authors: Catacutan, Maria Rosario G.; Guzman, Allan B. de
Editors: Amzat, Ismail Hussein; Yusuf, Byabazaire
Article/Chapter Title: Moral Sensitivity Practice in Academic Deanship: Does It Really Matter?
Abstract: The chapter reports on the findings of a grounded theory study on the moral sensitivity practice of Filipino college deans. It centers on the exposition of a conceptual model which expands the construct of moral sensitivity beyond the initial stage of moral problem recognition and depicts three processes of knowing facts, understanding people, and understanding oneself as fundamental processes to moral sensitivity. A set of seven distinct practices were also identified as subcomponents of moral sensitivity. The chapter concludes by highlighting the level of complexity involved in moral problem identification in real-life settings and the consequent need for developing administrators’ moral sensitivity skills through formal courses in ethics as part of school administrator preparation programs.
Keywords: Human resource management; Administration, Organization and Leadership; International and Comparative Education
Book Title: Fast forwarding Higher Education Institutions for Global Challenges
ISBN: 978-981-287-602-7 978-981-287-603-4
Publisher: Springer Singapore  
Date Published: 2016-04-06
Start Page: 173
End Page: 184